Buying Our Motorhome

Buying Our Motorhome

Our Hymer 2000 B544


2013 Will be a big year for us, it will be the start of our European adventure. We hope to have a Hymer Motorhome before we arrive in May 2013 with the assistance of Mike Steers our researcher over in the UK.

We came up with the idea some years ago and have been seriously researching our holiday for the last twelve months. Our plan is to buy our motorhome, use it for three months, then place it in storage for when we return the following year. Even if things don’t work out and we have to sell our Hymer, it’s still  the cheapest way to travel Europe by a long shot.

The best thing so far about organising our trip has been the research. We’ve spent countless hours in front of our open fire on our laptops sending emails and surfing the net for information. We’ve looked at hundreds of motorhomes, read countless forums and reviews and came to the conclusion that the Hymer was for us.

Insuring the vehicle and having a registered address in the UK has been a major hurdle. To overcome the registration issue we found a mail forwarding company “West One” who for a small fee give you a registered London address which satisfies the DVLArequirements.

After countless emails to insurance companies we found only one company who

would fully comprehensively insure a non UK residents vehicle,  their name is Downunder Insurance. By all accounts they are meant to be terrific. I’ve spoken to a number of people who’ve used Downunder and have received nothing but good reports about their service.

Now that registration and insurance issues have been resolved, all we need to do is find our new home on wheels, book our tickets and plan the first leg of our Adventure.

Our New Home Away From Home A 2000 Hymer B544

On July the 17thwe became the new owners of a Hymer B544 which is now in storage till we arrive in a few months time.

We purchased our Hymer from a retired widower who sold it with almost everything we need to start our adventure.  Just a few things may need to be added and repaired which Mike Steershas kindly offered to do for us over the coming months.


Our Planning Begins

We came across this great site called Zeemaps.  Zeemaps allows you to pinpoint places of interest, together with contact details, URLs, a thumbnail of the destination and more.

If you click on the map image below it will take you to our Zeemap with POI’s that we hope to visit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we’re updating the map all the time.


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2 responses to “Buying Our Motorhome

  1. Hi There
    Your Hymer looks great, a very good choice! We have recently bought a much older model after deciding at long last to trade in our VW camper van. We live near Cambridge in the UK which is well worth a visit. Keep in touch and if we are not travelling ourselves, you are welcome to make use of our large field if you need somewhere to stop here for a night. Good luck with your European trip. Deborah & Colin

    • Hello Deborah & Colin,
      Yes we are happy with the Hymer even though we haven’t seen it as yet, it’s now in storage with our friend in Stamford Bridge. Both of us are very much looking forward to coming over next year as it’s been a work in progress for a number of years. We’re just waiting till our youngest starts Uni and we’re off!
      Thanks too for offering your field it’s very kind of you. I’m sure we’ll be in the area at some point in time as we have to go to Cromer to visit Sally, the woman whom we purchased the Motorhome from.
      Any tips on places to visit in and around your area or the Uk for that matter would be greatly appreciated.

      Regards Michael & Annette

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