Murray Sunset & Big Desert National Parks


View From The Pink Lakes Camping ground, located at the Southern end of the Murray Sunset.

The Murray-Sunset National Park, in Victoria’s far north-west corner, is in one of the few remaining semi-arid regions in the world where the environment is relatively untouched. With its wide open landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, stunning view and starry nights, its vastness and isolation will take more than a day to explore. The Big Desert National Park has much the same to offer however is limited to hikers only. At the Southern most corner of the Park is the Red Bluff camping ground which can be accessed by 4WD from the South, or from the Border Track.

Things To See & Do

During our travels we were fortunate enough to come across a Mallee Fowl nest. What was even more amazing was that we also saw a Mallee Fowl Chick which had just hatched. “By all accounts the sighting was very rare”   Mallee Fowl facts

PA293706 PA293707

PA303749The Long Plain Tank was an attempt by the early settlers to store water, needless to say the attempt was unsuccessful. Earth was compacted between the inner and outer redgum timber rings which of course leaked.

Along the Nowingi Line Track to the North of the Park you will come across the remains of a Gypsum Mine Hopper. As the name suggests Gypsum was mined here PA293698and transported out by rail. All that’s left now is the hopper and some relics left scattered about. The place reminds me of a lunar landscape, well worth a visit though!

Along the Western boundary of both the Murray Sunset and Big Desert NP on the Victoria and South Australia border you will find the Border Track. Before undertaking the track check with SA Parks and Vic Parksfor closure dates as the track is closed during the summer season.

Border Track is a 4WD track only, as the large sand dunes have been known to trap many experienced four wheel drivers over the years. It is also one of those must do trips for four wheel driveenthusiasts. The sights and scenery are ever changing as are the track conditions, don’t forget to take a few pictures along the way.

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Red Bluff is at the Southern end of the Border track, it’s a rocky outcrop which towers over the Mallee Scrub. A short walk from the camping ground to the top of the Bluff at sunset is well worth it, as the view is breathtaking.” What a great way on end the day”


Camping Grounds

There are number of Camping grounds within both Parks.  Shearers Quarters, Mt Crozier, Rocket Lake, Mopoke Hut, Pink Lakes and The Bluff are the main camping areas and can each cater for a large number of cars, tents and campers . It is advisable to bring your own drinking water and all rubbish is to be removed from site.  The camp sites have long drop toilets which are well maintained, there are also designated areas set aside for camp fires.

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Border Track Murray Sunset & Big Desert National Park


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