Sailing The Whitsunday Islands

Sailing The Whitsunday Islands


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I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world where you can hire a million dollar yacht or motor launch and explore the open seas with little or no prior experience.

The Whitsundays are a group of Islands located off the coast of Queensland and form part of The Barrier Reef which is World Heritage listed. Reported to be one of the seven wonders of the world, with amazing beaches, coral reefs and secluded inlets this place is paradise.


Our trip started at Airlie Beach where we received some basic navigational training and safety procedures before taking possession of our Cat the Sea Mist. Once we navigated out the Airlie Beach marina we were on our own.

Sea Mist was an ideal yacht for two coupes. We had a bedroom with ensuite located in each hull and a large galley dining area at the rear. Outside there was the comfortable seating area where we would sit on days where it was windy sharing a drink or two at happy hour. By far my favorite spot was the trampoline, I’d spend many hours there taking in the sites as we navigated our way around the Whitsunday Islands. Many happy hours were spent here too, taking in the breathtaking sunsets and planning our next day’s adventure. Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,,,,,


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