The Haunted Stream Track



The Haunted Stream Track starts near Tamboon Crossing  around 33km from Bruthen along the Great Alpine Road Victoria  “see map below”.

The area is renowned for its gold  which was first discovered in 1863. Many relics from days gone by are scattered on the surrounding hills and have just been left as they were, simply to be swallowed up by the bush. Extreme care must be taken too when walking through the area as it is riddled with disused mine shafts.

The Haunted Stream Track is a seasonal 4×4 Track and like many tracks in the Victorian Alpine area is closed from early June till November “check with Parks Victoriafor closure details”.  The Track is 25km long and follows the Haunted Stream, in all there are 54 river/ford crossings. We towed our off road Ultimate Camper along the track and didn’t encounter any problems. Although things could get a little interesting towing a camper if it rained, as there are one or two steep sections. View album

Camping sites along the Track are far and few between. The Dawson City campsite is the largest by far, there are a also few spots along the way that will accommodate 5-6 cars with tents. Bring your own everything as there are no facilities, water can be taken from the river however it would need to be boiled well, before drinking.


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